SIM Card Location and Device Details

How to view your SIM card's estimated location in the Mission Control Portal and API. Understand the significance of cell tower connections.

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Location Information

An estimate of your SIM card location can be viewed both in the Mission Control Portal and API. This information can be found in the portal by drilling into a SIM card in the SIM cards view. The location information is acquired based on the location of the cell tower to which the SIM is connected to. An estimate of the location in which the SIM is located is denominated by a circle on a map as shown below. The more powerful the cell tower is, the larger the error rate of the SIMs location will be due to the strength of the signal coming off of that tower.

Device details.

This information can also be acquired from the Telnyx API. The /sim_cards endpoint gives back a nested object as shown below:

"current_device_location": {
"accuracy": 1250,
"accuracy_unit": "m",
"latitude": "41.143",
"longitude": "-8.605"

API specifications can be viewed here.

Device Details

The device details exposed in the portal are the type of device, model name, and IMEI. The API also has fields for the brand name and operating system on the device. The IMEI can be added to the authorized IMEIs field to lock the SIM to a specific device so as to ensure that no other devices can use it.

Device details can be viewed in the response from the /sim_cards/{sim_card_id}/device_detail endpoint. Specifications for this endpoint can be viewed here.

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