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Manual IMSI Selection on Telnyx SIM

This article gives an overview of how you can change Telnyx IMSI using SIM application on the mobile device.

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The Telnyx SIM offers 4 IMSIs which are managed by a multi-IMSI applet on the SIM for global network coverage:

  1. Telnyx

  2. Sparkle

  3. BICs

  4. T-Mobile

  5. US Cellular

Telnyx SIM: Manual IMSI Selection Instructions

The selection of which provider to use in each country is done automatically via logic on the SIM card itself however it is possible to manually select a specific IMSI as well.

​Note: Manually changing the IMSI selection is NOT RECOMMENDED unless directed by the Telnyx Support Team.

Changing IMSI on Android Device

On Android devices, there will be an app called "Telnyx UICC" or "SIM Toolkit" that will appear when the Telnyx SIM is in use.

Step 1: Click on the SIM toolkit in the Installed Apps section.

SIM toolkit icon screenshot.

Step 2: Click on Roaming Services

Roaming Services screenshot

Step 3: Click on Select Mode

select language screenshot.

Step 4: Select Manual to see the list of IMSI's available

select mode screenshot

Step 5: Tap on the IMSI that you would like to set up with your Telnyx SIM

select option screenshot

Once the desired IMSI is selected, the SIM can take up to a few minutes to change and establish a data session.

Changing IMSI on Apple Device

For Apple devices, you need to refer to the Screenshot Step by Step

​Step 1: Select Settings

select setting screenshot

Step 2: Select Mobile Data and click on SIM Applications

Mobile data screenshot.

Step 3: Select Telnyx on SIM Applications

sim application screenshot

Step 4: You will be presented with 2 Option
IMSI Selection Menu
Selection Mode

IMSI Selection Menu screenshot

Option 1 - IMSI Selection Menu:

Here you can select different IMSI. If you see an asterisk (*) in front of the selected account, it means that a particular IMSI is active. (Sparkle IMSI - as per Screenshot)

IMSI Selection Menu screenshot

If you are seeing connectivity issues with a particular IMSI, you can update it here.

Option 2 - Selection Mode:

You can set Automatic or Manual depending on the IMSI selection.

selection mode screenshot

If you are manually updating the IMSI in Option 1 and wish for the SIM to boot up with the selected IMSI in Option 1, you must configure the selection mode as Manual.

Once the desired IMSI is selected, the SIM can take up to a few minutes to change and establish a data session.

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