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France: SMS Guidelines

Sending SMS to France? Check out our comprehensive guidelines to ensure compliance in France.

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France: SMS Guidelines

MCC: 208
Dial Code: 33

Alphanumeric Sender IDs are supported and will be maintained, no registration is required.

Telnyx advises on the use of Alphanumeric Sender IDs for all A2P traffic towards this destination.

When sending towards MVNO NRJ (20826) and Truphone (20812) Alphanumeric Sender IDs will be replaced by either a random local number or a Short Code.

Local Operators do not allow marketing/promotional traffic to be sent on Sundays and French Public Holidays, between 10 pm and 8 am. Any messages attempted during this time will be queued and delivery will be attempted afterwards.

All marketing/promotional traffic should include a clear option to opt-out as part of the message content. Fragment STOP au 36179 must be added at the end of the message. If missing, this will be added automatically.

Anti-Phishing measures:

In an attempt to fight the increase in SMS Phishing and Fraud attempts, French operators have implemented an additional check (Whitelisting) on a group of Alpha Numeric Sender IDs. Traffic using the aforementioned Alphanumeric Sender IDs will only be possible through the submission of a duly signed Letter of Authorization.

Please make sure to always refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for Messaging.

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