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Kyrgyzstan: SMS Guidelines

Sending SMS to Kyrgyzstan? Check out our comprehensive guidelines to ensure compliance in Kyrgyzstan.

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Kyrgyzstan: SMS Guidelines

MCC: 437
Dial Code: 996

Alphanumeric Sender ID registration is required.

Information on Alphanumeric Sender ID registration:

Please provide the details below along with a copy of your Business Registration to

1) SenderID to be registered

2) Message/Content type

3) Message/Content example

4) Company name (and Brand name if different)

5) Website of brand or company

6) Company Country of origin

7) Expected volumes per month

8) Email linked to your Telnyx account

Companies must have a valid business case for the requested Alphanumeric Sender ID. If the relationship between your company/brand and the requested Alphanumeric Sender ID is not clear, please provide additional supporting documentation detailing your business case.

Additional recommendations:

Consent (Proof for Opt-in) should be obtained before sending any communications, i.e. Marketing SMS

Traffic should include clear Opt-Out options.

Please make sure to always refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for Messaging.

For more information on Alpha Sender ID registration kindly reach out to

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