The allowed IP section is a preemptive measure we have applied to help make sure your IP does not get blocked by our DDOS mitigation service. We are adding all IPs here to an allow list in order to prevent this.

We need all your IPs that interact with any of our services. This is not just for voice, this is also for messaging, call control and API in general.

Please note only the owner of an organization will be able to add IPs to the portal.

What happens if I'm using a dynamic IP?

We have been adding IPs from credential registrations, IP authentication, and IPs from previously connected calls. If your dynamic IP has been able to register and make calls with us, we should have added it already.

If you are adding IPs from my connections, does that mean I do not have to add my IPs anymore?

We prefer to err on the side of caution. Please take the time to add your IPs to the Allowed IP list on your portal account.

I have a CIDR block and the portal won't let me add the IPs, what can I do?

Contact our support team and they'll help you add that CIDR block.

How long after adding my IP to the Allowed lP list will it take for my traffic to be allowed through?

This process has been automated and all IPs are being actively synced between our Allowed Control IPs and our DDoS mitigation service. The sync should be running every minute.

Should I add my IP as signalling or media?

You can ignore the types, we are not using them on the back end. Add your IPs as either and we'll include them in our allow list regardless of what they are used for. No need to add them twice, as long as your IP is added to at least one type it will get added.

Note: If you still have issues after adding your IPs contact our support team.

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