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10DLC Campaign Approval Best Practices

Follow these best practices to get your 10DLC campaigns approved for the vetting process.

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10DLC Campaign Approval Best Practices

Effective January 26, 2023, all new Telnyx US 10DLC Campaign registrations (Standard, Low volume standard, and the upcoming Sole Proprietor 2.0) will be subject to a manual vetting process and be charged a $15 campaign verification fee at the time of external vetting. If a campaign is denied by external vetting, additional charges may occur with re-submission.

To ensure your Campaigns are approved in this vetting process, please follow these best practices when submitting new Campaigns.

Best Practices

Do not include forbidden use cases to avoid resulting in Campaign rejection

Make sure your A2P Campaign does not involve prohibited content such as cannabis, hate speech, etc.

Consistency in brand, website and sample messages

The brand and website need to be the same that the ones you include in your sample messages.

Consistency in sample messages and use cases

If you register a political campaign, but your sample messages say “Your one-time password is: 123456”, your campaign will be rejected

Consistency in email domain and company name

If you register a brand as Telnyx , but you provide an email address with the gmail domain, your campaign will be rejected. This only applies to large corporations that should have dedicated email domains

Submit only real, working websites

If your opt in process should be via your website, but you provide a website address that does not work, your campaign will be rejected

Send messages according to the brand that you registered

If you register a brand for technology company but end up sending messages for a different customer from a construction company, your campaign will be rejected

Make sure consumer opt-in is collected appropriately

Ensure you send messages only to the people who really want to receive them. Please refer to the CTIA guidelines to see detailed instructions and best practices on handling consumer consent.

The opt-in language needs to be available on your website if you indicated in the “message flow” field that a consumer opts into your campaign on your company website

If you collect the opt int in your website, you should have something like “By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from Telnyx. Message & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.”

Include the opt-out language in at least one of your sample messages

You need to include the opt out option in your sample messages, something like “Please reply STOP to opt out”.

Express Opt In

Every place which requires a phone number must have opt in language as well as a checkbox. This applies to contact pages, donation pages, etc.

Opt in language must include consent and opt out instructions and links to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy CANNOT allow for the sharing/selling of end user information to third parties.

Embedded Links/Numbers

If the campaign was created with the following attributes:

Embedded Phone Number

Embedded Link

Then the samples must contain the phone number/link.

What can I do if my campaigns are rejected?

Someone from our team will reach out to you to help you fix your Campaign registration or re-submit a new Campaign.

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