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Google Verified Calls FAQ

Get to know Google Verified Calls: boosting call trust with business logos and reasons.

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Google Verified Calls FAQ

Google Verified Calls is no longer offered by Telnyx. This product was sunset by Google.

What is Google Verified Calls?

Google Verified Calls is a way for businesses to display their business name, logo, and reason for calling on an end-users Android device. A verification symbol to show the call has been verified by Google authenticates the call a business makes, and increases the trust of end users. Implementation of Google Verified Calls can help businesses to increase pickup rates and improve the customer experience.

What value does Google Verified Calls provide?

By showing your brand logo and reason for calling, Google Verified Calls builds user trust, so more of your calls get answered. Verified Calls can also increase the ROI of marketing campaigns and call center efficiency by letting your users know it's you who is calling them.

How does Google Verified Calls work?

When a participating business places a call, Google confirms the identity of the business by sending the Verified Calls server data about the call in real-time so users can be confident that calls aren't spoofed. End-users receive enhanced experiences with the caller's business name and logo, verification badge, and the reason for the calling, which sets the ground for a successful engagement. Verified Calls is available to consumers through Google’s Phone app on Android, which comes preloaded on many Android devices.

Does Google Verified Calls increase engagement with business calls?

Most consumers won’t answer a call if they don’t recognize the caller. Analysis from Google showed that customers are 3 times more likely to pick up the phone, when the call has been marked as Verified by Google.

How can my customers access Verified Calls?

Verified Calls is a feature on Google’s Phone app, which comes preloaded on many Android phones and is also available for download on the Play Store.

How long does it take for a display profile to be approved?

We know speed is important, in this case it depends on how responsive you are. If you respond to the confirmation emails quickly, it can take as little as 1-2 business days to receive approval on the display profile.

How can I know if my display profile is approved?

You can check the status of your request in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.

Where is Google Verified Calls available?

Verified Calls is no longer available in the United States, India, Mexico, Brazil and Spain. Google Verified calls is no longer available through Telnyx.

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