Acquiring numbers through Telnyx couldn't be easier! Global numbers at your finger tips.

This article describes the in-depth process on how to leverage our different search mechanisms, adding numbers to the cart and reviewing orders after purchase!

Video Walk-through

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate everything under the Numbers Section.


The Numbers Section is where you can search, purchase, review orders and located on the left hand side of the portal.

Click on this button below and it will directly get you to the Numbers page.

Step by Step Guide


Initially, you'll be brought to our number search section where you can leverage 4 different search types to cater for your requirements.

  • Country / Area Code: Specify the county code, area code and additional numbers for specific searches.
  • Region: Specify a city, country or rate center.
  • Toll Free: Specify country code and toll free number along with phrases for vanity searches and any trailing digits. TIP: Select "Quickship" for instantly provisioned voice. Does not apply for messaging capable toll free's.
  • Advanced: Choose Region or Prefix for more granular searches and control the result limit along with how many consecutive numbers you'd like.

Don't forget, you can search for numbers based on the feature set you require them to have. By default, we set it to any but if you want only numbers with "Voice" or "Fax" you are able to choose.

By default, if you've recently deleted a number and search for a similar number - Telnyx will return the deleted number as a result. We hold deleted numbers on your account for up to 60 days before they are vetted and released back into the general inventory. If you do not want to retrieve recently deleted numbers, please check the "Exclude previously held numbers" box.

Example Region Search

Above we've search for numbers in the Chicago regions and can see the results returned, the available features highlighted in blue (all in this case) and their associated prices.

Once you are happy with your number choice, click the "+ Add to Card" button on the right.

When you're ready to purchase the numbers, follow the red arrow to view your cart on the top right of your account.


In your cart, you'll be able to see the numbers you've added and can still remove them by clicking the trash icon. Conveniently, you are able to select a connection and messaging profile you'd like these numbers to be assigned to automatically - once the order is processed.

We show you the upfront (one time activation) and monthly recurring cost for each number. On the right, you'll see your order summary and can then proceed by clicking the "Place Order" button. The order total will then be deducted from your balance. Orders are generally final and we do not provide refunds if you purchased a number by mistake. Please make sure to review the order summary completely before proceeding.

We also recommend ordering up to 100 numbers at a time through the cart. Orders over this amount may result in purchase failures (which you are not charged for) or connections/messaging profiles not being assigned correctly. We're continuously working on improving the scale of our ordering and assignment system.


After you have placed your order, you will be brought to the orders page.

Click on this button below and it will directly get you to the orders page.

Each order you've ever processed through our system will be listed here. You'll see the order date and time, along with the quantity of numbers purchased per order. Additionally, you can click the order id or "details" to re-check your order and verify what numbers were purchased.

You may see that there are two additional columns detailing whether the requirements were met and a timeline for providing documentation. This usually applies to international numbers outside of North America and to comply with local regulators. Requirements generally entail end user information, phone numbers and potentially documentation to have the number fully registered and activated for inbound use. Please read this article for more information.

Our engineers are working on better filtering so you can locate orders that you need to review, in the near future.

Additional Guides

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Can't find what you're looking for? Click the chat bubble at your lower right-hand corner and talk to the support team!

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