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Mission Control Portal - AI Chat Support

A new AI based Support Chat-Bot that helps provide answers to frequently asked questions

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Mission Control Portal - AI Chat Support

We are delighted to introduce our latest digital offering, designed to enhance your customer service experience, while providing more efficient and personalised support. The advent of our new AI Assistant powered by Open AI, accessible through our Mission Control Portal, marks another evolution in our service provision, complimenting our existing chat support service. The AI chat bot has access to all of our support center articles and developer docs, with more to be added soon. You can access it as you normally would have when reaching out to our agents via the chat support bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your portal.

Access to this new beta feature has been published to all Telnyx customers on the 17th of July 2023.

AI Assistant chat button.

Navigating the New Features

We've designed a new chat bubble, easily accessible from when you are logged in. This dedicated component is meant to provide instant, tailored support to cater to your needs. When clicked, you will be presented with two options:

Chat to Support: As always, this connects you to our skilled customer service representatives, ready to handle your inquiries in real-time. Please ensure adblockers are disabled on and any other browser security settings that may be blocking requests to our third party chat providers domain as this can cause either the chat widget to be blocked from load or accessing certain features inside the widget like "Ask a question" which is what is used to route you to our different support teams.

Try our new AI Assistant so that you have instant tier 1 support. If the AI Assistant cannot answer your question then you will still have the option to chat with an agent.

AI chat Assistant.

Ask our AI Assistant: This is our new chat bot feature, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant built to provide immediate answers to your most common queries, right at your fingertips. This is the easiest way to consume all of the content in our Support Center Knowledge Base at and our Developer Docs at You can ask many non-technical and technical questions which can be answered using our documentation and the bot will return the most relevant content or documentation.

How to Interact with the AI Assistant

Our aim is to keep customer interaction as seamless and straightforward as possible. There will be two flows from which you can select, first if you wish to speak to a customer service representative, simply click on "Chat to Support." For instant, AI-powered assistance, choose "Ask our AI Assistant." Don't worry though, if you're engaging with the AI Assistant and feel like your question isn't being answered you will have to option to seamless transition to chatting with our support team through an available button.

If you select "Ask our AI Assistant" and once you have asked a question and the bot has responded you will be given two buttons: "Chat to Support" or "That helped". If you want to speak with an agent then select "Chat to Support". If the response resolved your question then you select "That helped". If you want to ask another question then simply type into the chat box and enter your next question. The bot does have some memory of context so you should be able to have the flow of a conversation like you would with an agent to a certain extent.

Telnyx mission control portal with AI assistant.

Getting the Best out of the AI Assistant

Our AI Assistant has been trained to answer a wide array of frequently asked questions, provide product and service information, guide you through our portal, and much more. We encourage you to use this new feature for quick solutions, allowing you to save time and get support around the clock.

Limitations and Complementary Use

While our AI Assistant is a powerful it may not be able to handle complex queries or requests that need human intervention. In such cases, we encourage you to use the "Chat to Support" feature to get in touch with our live support team but the goal is to continue to iterate.

Remember, our AI Assistant and our Agent chat tool, Intercom, work in synergy. They are designed to complement each other and ensure you receive efficient, accurate, and swift assistance whenever you need it. With the AI Assistant you are limited to 3 questions per minute which is subject to change. Conversation history is not stored in the widget at this time so if you refresh your portal or log out of your account, the conversation you had will not be retrieved.

What can the AI Assistant cover?

We list the topics the AI Assistant can cover below, when interacting with the bot it's important to provide context when asking questions. Otherwise, a few keywords may not be specific enough to provide you the answer you may be looking for.

Example Questions:

  1. Hosted SMS?

  2. Making calls?

  3. How can I place an order for Hosted SMS?

  4. How do I make calls with Call Control Voice API?

The first and second question will likely match a reference article across our websites but not specifically give you an answer to the information you may need for setup and configuration.

Instead, the third and fourth question will result in a specific set of instructions that can help you with the process on how to place an order for hosted SMS.

Elaborating on and mentioning the specific Telnyx products will help guide our bot to providing you with the right answer!

In cases where the questions are considered to technical for the bot to answer, you will be guided to our human support.

Multiple questions within one message is not currently supported, please consider asking one question at a time.

General Customer Support

  • The chat bot can provide answers to common questions about our services form our Support Center documentation.

Developer Support

  • Developers can ask about our APIs, coding questions, SDKs, and much more. Our AI can provide code snippets (specify this in your question) and recommend relevant documentation.

Self-Service Support

  • It's designed to provide first-level support. For more complex inquiries, our AI chat bot can guide you through the process of creating a support ticket or giving you the option to start a chat with our agents.

24/7 Availability

  • Just like our Support team, our AI Assistant is available around the clock. However, as we're relying on a third party provider, it's possible it may experience degradation from time to time. We'll clearly display when the chat bot is not performing at it's expected levels. It's important to note that while our AI assistant is highly capable, it's not currently designed to replace human interaction. Instead, it complements our human support team by handling more routine inquiries. However, Telnyx does have plans to continue to improve the chat bot and user experience. The best way to provide feedback now is by selecting whether or not the answers were helpful.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We continually strive to improve your customer service experience. After using our new AI Assistant, we encourage you to share your feedback at Your insights will aid us in refining our tool and shaping the future of our customer support.

In conclusion, we are thrilled to offer this enhanced chat bot experience, aimed at providing faster and more personalised customer service. Thank you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to hearing your experiences and suggestions regarding our latest enhancement.

By using our AI Assistant

  • You agree to the processing of personal data, which is necessary for the provision of our chat services.

  • You acknowledge and consent to have your data stored and processed by Telnyx in the United States.

  • You agree to have your data transferred to OpenAI, a subprocessor located in the United States, who assists in processing interactions with our AI Assistant and generating answers based on our publicly accessible documentation.

  • We retain personal data as long as necessary to provide our services or as required by law, rule or regulation.

  • Please note that our services involve automated decision-making, including the use of artificial intelligence to process interactions with our AI Assistant.

  • It is possible that our bot may return incorrect our outdated information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our support team to have your queries clarified.

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