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Here you will find an explanation of all the different number types that Telnyx offers: local, toll free & International.

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In this article, we layout the different number types we support globally.

Searching and purchasing these number types has never been easier.

Domestic Long-Code

These are your typical local numbers you require for your local business. We have coverage in over 20k rate centers across the United States and Canada.

Telnyx domestic long codes support instant provisioning for fax, voice, sms & mms and much more.

You can view our domestic coverage here.

Domestic Toll Free

For businesses looking to scale, look no further with our toll free range!

Telnyx is a managing responsible organization (RespOrg QIT01) where we can acquire, manage, and route toll-free calls to your business, as-well as controlling the ability to quickly reroute traffic for potential service impairments with our service providers.

Toll Free Voice

Telnyx allows it's user to purchase pre-provisioned voice toll free numbers with their routing set already, for instant use. Make sure to select quickship on the number search user interface, if you need to instantly be provided with numbers that are ready to use for voice calling.

If quickship isn't selected during your toll free search, routing provisioning can take up to one hour to become active post order completion, so make sure you test calls first before putting the numbers into service.

Learn more about quickship through our API here.

NOTE: Quickship only applies to the voice portion of our toll free numbers so that they can be instantly provisioned for receiving inbound calls.

Toll Free Messaging

Voice is important but customers are now looking for a more omni-channel service that can be provided. Telnyx supports messaging on toll free numbers to support large campaigns. Both toll-free SMS and MMS are available for the USA and Canada.

The messaging portion will not be instantly provisioned and you are recommended to submit your use case first other wise spam blocks may occur should you send messages from non verified toll free numbers.

Please see our dedicated article for more details on acceptable use cases for toll free messaging.

International Number Types

As we continue to globalise as a company, our international coverage map along with number types continues to grow.

We cover a range of local, national, toll free, shared cost and mobile numbers available from select countries across the world.

When ordering international numbers, and to comply with local regulators of their respective countries, Telnyx may require documentation to register and activate your international numbers. The quicker we receive the documentation, the quicker we can have the number provisioned so you can start to receive inbound calls.

At checkout, if your international number requires documentation, the user interface will make this clear. Once the number is ordered, you will be brought to your number orders page where you can then upload the documentation required.

Concurrently, you will receive an email from Telnyx to let you know that the documentation will need to be provided within a certain time-frame, if you didn't have it available at checkout, otherwise the number may expire and be returned to our inventory. Please note that you will have 10 days to provide this documentation otherwise the numbers will be removed from your account.


To view a list of requirements for the countries we support, please reference this article.

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