This article describes the "Account/General" tab under My Account section where you can set up your account information, redeem your promo code or setup your account with 2FA to avoid any security violations.

Video Walk-through to Account Setup

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate setting up your Account/General tab

Configuring Your Account/General Tab

The Account/General section is located under "My Account". When you click on the top right corner of the portal, there will be drop down menu and one of the options will be "My Account".

Click on this button below and it will directly get you to the Account/General page.

Step by Step Guide to Account/General Tab

There are three sections on the "Account/General" page: Account Information, Security and Promo Code Redemption.

We will be walk-through each sections in a detailed manner.

1. Account information:

This section allows you to enter in your personal details and helps in situations where you require account verification or when our support team need to contact you.

Note: The ability to change currency on your account is not possible. By default, from 18th October 2022, all new account sign ups will have their account currency set to USD.

2. Access Control IPs:

Add your list of SIP Signals or media IP's that originate traffic to our network, this prevents your SIP traffic from being blocked as part of any actions we take to secure our network.

3. Security:

In this section, you have the ability to edit your email, password and set up a two factor authentication.

Each feature is detailed below:

  • Security Paraphrase: You can setup your personal paraphrase. The purpose of security paraphrase is to verify your account when you reach out to support, especially for any changes that need to be made. For example, if you want to cancel your account, you will be requested to verify your security paraphrase.

  • Email: If you ever want to change your email, this is the right field to do that. You will need to provide the current password.

  • Password: Update this field if you ever need to change your password, alternatively you can visit our forgot password page.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): You can setup your two-factor authentication either by using TOTP app or sending a code to your phone number. This adds an extra layer of security to your account. Click on this link to get more information.

4. Promo code Redemption:

From time to time, Telnyx may issue promo codes and it is within this section that you can redeem them.

5. Number-level Routing Configuration:

For more information on our number level routing configuration, please see this article.

Can't find what you're looking for? Click the chat bubble at your lower right-hand corner and talk to the support team!

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