At Telnyx, we understand that some numbers may not always be available at the time you make your search, we're always looking to keep our inventory up to date from local numbers in rural rate centers to global numbers in multiple different countries worldwide.

We also offer contiguous blocks! We typically sell blocks in the following increments: 10, 25, 50, 100.

If you haven't seen how easy it is to purchase numbers through your Mission Control Portal account, check out this article!

Requesting DID's

Sometimes a numbers area code may be exhausted but there may be an overlay available. This is why we automatically enable "Best Effort" searches so we can return you numbers with a different area code but from the same rate center.

If no results are returned, you will have the option to submit a direct DID request from your account.

When you click "request a number", you a form will pop up which you can fill in your requirements. These requests go directly to our numbering team who will be in contact via your account email, generally within 3-5 working days, to let you know if they were able to fulfill your request by contacting you through your email address.

Please note, sometimes certain numbers can't be acquired due to several reasons such as a particular number block being fully exhausted. Our numbering team will update you, at the earliest convenience, if they are unable to acquire them for you and always offer alternative suggestions in-case!

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