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Pending Order Error

Learn About Pending Order Errors When Porting Numbers

US & Canada Only

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What does it mean?

The losing carrier gives a pending order exception when there is a change currently being made to your account. Typically the losing carrier will not provide Telnyx with the exact nature of the change but it may encompass any of the following:

  • A port-out was initiated by another carrier. The losing carrier will almost never specify who initiated it.
  • An informational update is being made. This might be a change in the billing address or change in the authorized user.
  • The addition or removal of features on one or more lines.

Please remember never to make any changes to an account immediately before or during the porting process.

Next steps

To expedite your port request, you must contact the losing carrier directly and ask what change is being made and to cancel them if necessary. Telnyx is never able to cancel pending orders on your behalf.

Changes can take several weeks to clear out of the losing carrier's system. It is not uncommon for changes to get "stuck" in a pending state and remain there indefinitely. As long as changes are in progress, Telnyx cannot port the numbers.

Special note for resellers

Your end customer may have initiated a port-out through another reseller or carrier without your knowledge. It is best to contact the end customer and verify that your customer is not porting numbers to another carrier.

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