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Mission Control API: Ordering numbers

Ordering a number

Once you have searched for and successfully identified a number which you would like to purchase, we can move on to the number_order endpoint. This endpoint will allow us to actually purchase a number.

So, lets navigate to the number_order endpoint. You'll find it under the "MISSION CONTROL API" heading on the left hand side of the API docs.

There are 3 different ways we can order a number using the Mission Control API:

 1.) requested_numbers_with_metadata

We use requested_numbers_with_metadata when ordering specific numbers with specific requirements. The metadata that you send is meant to satisfy local requirements associated with numbers purchased e.g a local address.

Below is an example of the JSON body: 

If no local requirements exist, as is the case for US numbers, you can simply enter in the numbers by themselves.

 2.) requested_inexplicit_numbers

We can use requested_inexplicit_numbers when ordering unspecific numbers. You'll pass along the inexplicit search results of the numbers you wish to purchase, plus a quantity and, optionally, an address_id.

Below is an example of the JSON body:

 3.) requested_numbers

We can simply use requested_numbers when ordering numbers without additional requirements:

Below is an example of the JSON body:

One you have prepared your JSON body, simply copy&paste it into the "Parameters" text field and click "TRY IT OUT".

In the example below, we are doing a requested_numbers number order.

Below we can see a snippet of the JSON response with our order ID.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a number using our Mission Control API.

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