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Key Configuration Notes for Noise Suppression
Key Configuration Notes for Noise Suppression

Learn how to implement and manage Noise Suppression with a guide on key configuration options.

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Noise Suppression Configuration Settings Overview

Integrating the Noise Suppression feature effectively requires a clear understanding of the available configuration options.
This section provides crucial information to help you implement and manage this feature optimally.

Application Scope

Noise Suppression can be configured at either the Number level or the Connection level. Setting Noise Suppression at the connection level affects all associated numbers and will override any configurations set at the individual number level. This centralized approach simplifies management and guarantees uniform audio quality across all calls.

You can configure this feature in the dedicated 'Noise Suppression' section. To do this at the Number level, edit the Number configurations and navigate to the 'Voice' tab:

Noise Suppression

At the Connection level, configure Noise Suppression by editing a Connection, navigating to 'Settings,' and accessing the configurations in the 'Advanced' section:

Advanced section

Available Configuration Options

Inbound Only: Choose "inbound media stream" to apply noise reduction to audio streams entering the Telnyx network that are destined for the customer. This option enhances the clarity of incoming calls to the Telnyx customer.

Outbound Only: Select "outbound media stream" to improve audio streams exiting the Telnyx network from the customer. This configuration ensures that outgoing calls are clearer and free from background noise.

Both Directions: Opt for "both Inbound and Outbound" to enable noise suppression on both inbound and outbound media streams. This comprehensive setting offers the greatest enhancement of call clarity.

Disable Feature: If preferred, "disabled" turns off all noise suppression, allowing calls to operate with natural ambient sounds.

By configuring these options according to your specific needs, you can effectively manage the quality of your calls.

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