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RockStar SMS and Telnyx Integration
RockStar SMS and Telnyx Integration

Onboarding for RockStar SMS customers using Telnyx as their BYOC Carrier.

Written by Klane Pedrie
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RockStar SMS and Telnyx Integration

So you want to get rocking sending SMS using the all star pairing of Telnyx and RockStar to roll your business towards success, that is music to my ears. The following guide should take less than 30 minutes from start to finish, start now so that your customers can stop singing the blues and start rocking with you!

How to Signup

First, create a Telnyx Account at It is free to sign up.

Click through the drop downs to answer a few short onboarding prompts.

Adding Funds

Next, the Telnyx platform is prepaid (you only pay for what you use) so “Add Funds” to get started at Depending on your volume $25 should be more than enough to get most people started, the only purchase you will be making in this guide is a phone number which standard costs is $1 activation and $1 per month.

Select the Recharge Settings

Once you add a payment method (from previous step) and after your first payment you will be able to choose your auto recharge settings at

Then you will need to copy your API Key (not the public key) at to plug into the RockStarSMS platform.

You are done with Telnyx steps for now so switch over to RockstarSMS and

Sign in or Create an Account at

Configure the RockStar Profile

Now go to your RockStar Profile and select Telnyx as your SMS Gateway and put in the Telnyx API Key you copied in a previous step at

Get a Number

Now in the RockStar Dashboard you will “Get a Number” (this should automatically create a Telnyx messaging profile) at

Assign the Messaging Profile

You are done with the RockStar steps for now and you will go back to Telnyx and assign the Messaging Profile with the RockStar webhook to your new number at Click the drop down under in the highlighting section and click on the RockStar Messaging Profile which is probably listed as "Text Marketing Made Easy".

You are all set to start sending, so rock and roll! Rockstar tutorials can be found at

If you need any help on any of the Telnyx steps please reach out to

If you need sub-accounts or as we call them "Managed Accounts" enabled please reach out to

For support on the RockStar steps please reach out at

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