In this early version of the feature you will be able to forward incoming calls to a voicemail box when a call is rejected or not picked up.

You will then be able to consult deposited voicemail messages by dialing *98 from a voicemail enabled number and authenticating with an access PIN.

Customers will be able to enable voicemail features today through the portal following these steps:

  1. Go to ‘My Numbers’ in the ‘Numbers’ section

  2. Select the number you wish to configure voicemail for and select ‘Advanced Options’

  3. Enable voicemail under the ‘Voicemail’ tab.

NOTE: In the near future our voicemail feature will support sending email notifications whenever a voicemail is received, however this feature is not yet available and setting up an email address for the voicemail on the portal will not currently send notifications.

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