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Learn how to configure a SIP trunk in PhoneSuite's Voiceware suite and connect it to Telnyx.

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PhoneSuite offers hospitality communications specifically designed for the hospitality industry (Hotel managers and owners). Offering solutions such as Cloud PBX Voiceware, Voiceware Express/Voiceware Express + and Voiceware Series 2 and On-Premise solution are reliable, simple-to-implement and cost-effective.

Voiceware, which we will demonstrate in this document, is PhoneSuite's software VoIP IP-PBX phone system and was designed with the hospitality industry, and its communication needs, in mind. It is extremely scalable and flexible, and its software base means that there is no need for expensive equipment or firmware upgrades.

Note: Very little PhoneSuite documentation exists externally. You can contact PhoneSuite directly for more questions, or reach out to Telnyx support for live help.

Instructions for configuring PhoneSuite Voiceware to work with Telnyx

In this activity you will:


Video walkthroughs

Setting up your Telnyx Mission Control Portal so you can make/receive call:

The PhoneSuite SIP trunking stress test: Is SIP the right solution for your hotel?

1. Configure your PBX

  1. Open your PhoneSuite PBX Voiceware portal and click on the Advanced tab and ensure that:

    1. DTMF Mode: Auto
      If it is not, you can set this in your Telnyx Mission Control Portal.

    PhoneSuite PBX Voiceware portal

  2. Create a new SIP trunk in your portal and provide the following information:

    1. Type: SIP

    2. Device Name: Your device name

    3. Friendly Name: Choose something that makes sense to you, such as TelnyxTrunk.

    4. Secret: Your Telnyx password

    5. Username: Your Telnyx account number

    6. Insecure: Invite

    7. Host:

    8. Port: 5060

    9. NAT: Check this box

    10. Register?: Check this box

    11. Audio Codecs: Select the Telnyx-supported audio codecs you want to use from the following and move from Available to Allowed:

      1. ulaw(g711u)

      2. alaw(g711a)

      3. g722

      4. g729

    12. Usable as Trunk: Check this box

    13. Channels: A channel is a line for a single call on your SIP trunk. If you want to make multiple simultaneous calls, you'll a SIP channel for each one. Learn more here.

    14. Credentials: Select Same as Above, as each channel (phone line) will probably need its own credential.

    15. Reg. Username: Your account number (Same as the device name)

    16. Reg. Server:

    New SIP Trunk on the PhoneSuite PBX Voiceware portal.

That's it! You've now configured a SIP trunk in PhoneSuite Voiceware and connected it to Telnyx.

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Review our getting started guide to make sure your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account is set up correctly.

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