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Canadian STIR/SHAKEN Implementation FAQs
Canadian STIR/SHAKEN Implementation FAQs

Find answers to your questions about compliance, required actions, attestations, and more.

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Canadian STIR/SHAKEN Implementation FAQs

What do I need to do to be SHAKEN/STIR compliant in Canada?

Simple! Nothing! Telnyx is taking care of all compliance requirements. On November 30th your outbound calls originating with Canadian CLI will receive appropriate signings from Telnyx’s Canadian partners. We are in the process of applying to the Canadian SHAKEN/STIR framework and hope to sign outbound calls on behalf of our customers very soon.

Are attestation definitions the same in Canada as in the US?

Yes, the attestation definitions we use in the US are applicable in Canada SHAKEN/STIR.

  • Full Attestation (A): The provider knows the customer, knows they have a right to use the originating number, and knows that the call originated on their network. For numbers purchased in the Telnyx portal, you should expect to receive an 'A Attestation'.

  • Partial Attestation (B): The provider knows the customer but the customer may be using another provider's phone number. The call is legitimate but the provider can’t fully attest because of missing information.

  • Gateway Attestation (C): The provider can’t verify the customer or the phone number and has no way of knowing whether the call is legitimate. The originating provider will still attest to the call in order to mark that the call originated on their network.

What will my attestation be for Canadian SHAKEN/STIR?

Once Telnyx obtains our authorization to participate in the Canadian SHAKEN/STIR framework, customers can expect the same attestation application as in the US. If you have your Canadian CLI listed in your Telnyx Mission Control Portal (whether the number was purchased from Telnyx or ported into Telnyx), you will receive an A attestation, since we know you have the right to use that particular Canadian number. If your CLI is not listed in your Telnyx Mission Control Portal (you neither purchased the number from Telnyx nor ported it into Telnyx), you will receive a B attestation.

For the November 30th date, Telnyx will be relying on underlying partners to sign calls with Canadian CLI. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to discern which attestation level each call will receive. We are working hard to implement Canadian SHAKEN/STIR so we can control the attestation process and better serve you, our customers.

How can I increase my attestation level for Canadian SHAKEN/STIR?

Once Telnyx has implemented Canadian SHAKEN/STIR and is able to sign your calls, we will confirm the process to increase attestation. Check back here for more details.

Is there an additional cost for customers who want to authenticate traffic?

There is no additional charge for SHAKEN/ STIR services and so it will be free to all Telnyx customers.

Will I be notified if Telnyx adds attestations to my calls, and what attestation I received?

Telnyx will keep customers informed on our estimated delivery date for Canada SHAKEN/STIR. Once we receive our token, all calls originating on the Telnyx network with Canadian CLI will receive an attestation. There is no action required from the customer.

The customer will not be notified of the attestation it receives from Telnyx but customers should be able to predict attestation level based on the requirements outlined in the above questions.

Please note that your calls will be attested to starting Nov 30, 2021 and that no action is needed from our customers to be compliant.

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