The Debugging section of your Telnyx portal account will contain several tools you will use for the purpose of debugging SIP calls and call control flows.

Video Walk-through for Debugging Tools

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate usage of our Debugging tools.

Guide to the Debugging Tools

The Debugging section can be found on the left-hand list of portal modules in between the Reporting and API Keys sections. Once you have entered the Debugging section there will be 3 headers, Sip Call Flow Tool, Call Control Flow Tool and Web Dialer.

Sip Call Flow Tool

Using the Sip call flow tool is straightforward. You can specify a date range that extends back 3 days maximum, and the calling and/or destination numbers.

Additional filters include:

  • Billed duration - which can filter out calls with a billed duration greater than, equal to, or less than the value you specify.
  • Direction - which let's you filter out inbound or outbound calls.
  • Tags - which lets you filter by calls from/to numbers that have a specific tag.
  • Result code - which lets you filter based on the SIP response code received for the calls.

More info on SIP response codes can found here.

Below is a screenshot of an example call flow found using the Call Flow Tool.

Call Control Flow Tool

The Call Control Flow Tool is a much simpler tool, and can be used to view Call Control call flows provided you can supply the Call Leg ID or the Call Session ID of the Call Control call in question.

Below is a screenshot of an example flow found using the Call Control Flow Tool.

Web Dialer

The Web Dialer is a powerful debugging tool that will allow you to make test calls without needing to setup a softphone or PBX system. This is useful if you are having issues with calls and want to eliminate your PBX or softphone client as a potential source of the issue. In order to use the web dialer, you simply need a Credentials Connection, a DID number assigned to that connection and then you can assign a Caller ID name value if you wish to test that also. Once these pre-requisites are met you can make test calls straight from the web interface.

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