Wireless Data Limits
In this article we will explain how you can set up data limits for your SIM groups and SIM cards.
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Worried about potential bill shock from accruing considerable data usage with your Telnyx SIM card? Enable data limits and set an upper limit for the amount of data that your SIM cards can use. With this, you can limit the amount of data that you consume via the Telnyx API.

When your consumption reaches 80% of the limit, the organization owner of your account will receive an email alert letting them know. When the data limit is reached another email alert will be sent and the related SIMs will be disabled to avoid any more data consumption.

There are 2 types of data limit, one on the SIM Group level and one on the SIM Card level.

How to Set SIM Group Data Limits

Log into https://portal.telnyx.com/#/app/wireless/sim-groups with your account information. 

Click on a SIM Group to drill in and scroll to the data section. 

Click on "Custom," and input your preferred data limit. 

How to Set SIM Card Data Limits

Log into https://portal.telnyx.com/#/app/wireless/sim-cards with your account information.

Click on a SIM Card to drill in and scroll to the data section.

Click on "Custom," and input your preferred data limit.

It's that easy!

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