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Programmable Wireless Pricing
Programmable Wireless Pricing
What are the rate plans and associated costs for Telnyx programmable wireless?
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How does Wireless Pricing Work?

The wireless pricing page can be viewed here.

There are 3 components to Telnyx Wireless pricing:

  1. One time charge (OTC)

  2. Monthly recurring charges (MRC)

  3. Data usage

One Time Charge

Each SIM has a one time charge of $1. This cost is incurred upon ordering a SIM card in the Mission Control Portal. If the destination for the SIM card is outside of the US or Canada there may also be a shipping cost incurred here.

Monthly Recurring Charges

Once a SIM is registered and showing up in your Mission Control Portal it will incur a monthly charge of $2/SIM.

Note: This charge is reduced to $0.20/SIM for SIMs that are deactivated. You can deactivate a SIM by disabling them in the Portal or using this endpoint.

Data Usage

Data usage is billed on a per MB (upload and download) basis and the data rate is determined by the location in which the SIM is in use. Data usage on Telnyx SIMs is billed at a different rate depending on the country of usage - this is determined by the MCC that is being used by the SIM.

Each country that Telnyx Wireless operates in is mapped to a zone. Data usage is charged for based on 4 zones. The zone rates are:

Download the Telnyx Wireless mapping of countries to zones and their rates: as of May 2023 Zones are being remapped and we will have an update soon. Please reach out to to get Zone pricing in the meantime.

Get flexible and transparent pricing with automatic discounts as you scale. Talk to our sales team about volume pricing.

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