SIP URI Calling

This article demonstrates SIP URI functionality for making inbound calls to SIP Connection.

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What is SIP URI Calling?

This feature allows you to receive inbound calls to your SIP URI for connections using "credential auth". When SIP URI calling is enabled, you can receive direct calls to the username of your connection & eliminates the need for a phone number dialed.

To use this feature you'll need a SIP device/softphone registered with the credentials set on the connection. By default this feature is disabled, but it can be enabled in a particular connection under the inbound tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Connection options interface for SIP URI calls.

You have the ability to choose who can call directly to your username:

  1. From Anyone [unrestricted] – (Allows calls from other Telnyx accounts and anyone on the public internet.)When this option is set to "From Anyone", you're allowing anyone on the public internet to call your SIP URI and be connected to your SIP endpoint.

  2. Only from my SIP Connection [internal] – (Only allows calls originating from connections on the same Telnyx account.)

    Here is a video demonstrating Inbound SIP URI call. 

This change can also be made through the Telnyx API:

PUT{connection id} and include "sip_uri_calling_preference" : [ "disabled", "unrestricted", "internal" ].

Billing for SIP URI-Calls

  1. The rate for SIP-URI Calls is $0.002/minute and it's charged to the owner of the connection that received the call. This applies for any calls that originated on a source not identifiable by Telnyx. If the source matches a Telnyx SIP Connection, the call is considered an On Net call and the cost is $0.

  2. Only SIP usernames that begin with non-numeric characters will be considered valid. This is a fraud prevention measure to avoid number spoofing.

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