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Bulk Edit Numbers
Bulk Edit Numbers - Assigning tags
Bulk Edit Numbers - Assigning tags
Editing numbers should be easy, in this article we will explain how to assign tags in bulk.
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Guide to Assigning Tags in Bulk

Step 1 : Login to your Telnyx Mission Control account

Step 2 : Click on the NUMBERS on the top left side of the page

Step 3 : Click on MY NUMBERS tab

Step 4 : Mark the checkboxes for the numbers you'd like to edit

Step 5 : You can also select all the number on using the checkbox listed above the top number (highlighted in yellow).

Step 6 : Once you have selected your desired numbers, click on the Bulk Edit button above the number checkbox.

Step 7 : A new window will pop up with heading Bulk Number Updates (beta).

Step 8 : Click on Tags and start entering the name (tag) you want to assign your numbers.

Step 9 : Click on update and the desired tags will be assigned to your selected numbers.

Tutorial: Assigning Tags Using Bulk Edit

Here is a video showing how you can assign a tag using bulk edit feature.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a bulk edit function and any changes you make will be applied to all of the numbers you have selected

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