We do in fact offer international Toll-Free numbers (ITFN) and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) as well. 

ITFN- These numbers are country-specific, meaning that you are only able to dial a number within the country the number is dialed from.  

UIFN-  These numbers consist of a prefix then 800 then 8 digits. An example would be the UK which has a prefix of 00 so a UIFN number as dialed from the UK would be 00-800-XXXX-XXX. These numbers can apply to more than one country. There are specific regulations behind purchasing UIFN numbers: 

  1. Must be registered in at least two countries
  2. Typically require a significant, one-time setup fee
  3.  Incur costs for each country selected—the more countries accessing the number, the higher the cost
  4. Have a different dialing format than toll free numbers, and may not be recognizable as free to call for all customers

These numbers are not yet available for purchase through the portal as of today. if you would like to purchase a ITFN or a UIFN, send an email to sales@telnyx.com containing the following information:

  1. The specific counties you wish to purchase a ITFN or a UIFN number from
  2. The volume of numbers you would like to purchase
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