This article is for API V1, please use the Developer Center for API V2 guides.

Mission Control API: Searching numbers

Using the API is an alternative way to configure and use your Mission Control account. This can be useful if you are interested in writing programs to explore and automate the use of our features.

In this guide we will give you an example of using our API docs GUI. Hopefully this will give you a base for writing programs to interact with our API.

Before we begin, we must tell the API our credentials so the API knows which portal account we will be using it with(and who we are).

For how to do this, please refer to our article on "Authentication and Tokens" after updating your credentials you can follow on from here.

Number Search

So, lets navigate to the number_search endpoint. You'll find it under the "MISSION CONTROL API" heading on the left hand side of the API docs.

We have a few search types we can chose from these are numbered from 1-4. This helps us tell the API which kind of search we would like to preform. Just like choosing "Region" from a list in the portal, we identify the search type by it's number in the API.

Below is a example of a JSON body for each of the 4 search types


Input an Area Code (required) and Prefix (optional) to view matching inventory

Region (2)

Input a City, ZIP Code or Rate Center to view available inventory in that region

Toll Free (3)

Search all Toll Free inventory or select a particular Prefix to to view matching results

Advanced Search (4)

Input a Region/Area Code and add additional criteria to search for explicit numbers (wildcards, repeating digits, consecutive numbers, etc.)

One you have prepared your JSON body, simply copy&paste it into the "Parameters" text field and click "TRY IT OUT".

In the example below, we are doing a number search in the region of Chicago.

Success! Below we can see a snippet of the JSON response with available numbers in the Chicago region.

Congratulations! You have successfully searched for a number using our Mission Control API.


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