How to configure your Cisco SPA112 ATA with Telnyx

Our focus in this article is to achieve the connection between your Cisco SPA112 ATA, and our Mission Control Portal. We will describe a sample configuration.

(Note: If you will be using your ATA for sending/receiving fax, please check out our guide for setting up Fax service with Telnyx)

Once you have configured the following steps, you can take advantage of leveraging our Mission Control Portal to maximize your business operations.

In the above video we show you a sample configuration for inbound and outbound. When you assign a connection to a purchased DID, the connection username should be the DID number.

As you can see in the below connection called Test DID - it's username is 12245181471.

NOTE : Please make sure that you are using your DID as username in connection. 

As the DID's username is 11 digits, we must set the Number Format DNIS to 11 digits also - this will be the E.164 format as seen in the picture below.

Your trunk is now ready to go on our side! We can move forward with the
configurations on your Cisco SPA112 ATA:


Under the "Voice" tab go to the "SIP" sub tab, and modify as follows:

  • STUN Enable: Yes
  • STUN server:
  • STUN test enable: Yes
  • Click Submit


Under the "Quick Setup" tab add the following:

  • Proxy:
  • Display Name: your_DID (ie. 12245181471)
  • User ID: your_user_name (ie. 12245181471) the same username from the connection on your portalN.B. Entering in anything but 11 digits will return a busy tone 404, even if you have your STUN server configured.
  • Password: your_password (ie. nameabcpass) the same password from the connection on your portal
  • Click Submit

3. Note. For most applications your ATA will be behind a NAT. If this is the case you might need to configure your Lines as follows:

  • Under the "Voice" tab go to the "Line X" sub tab
  • Under NAT settings set the NAT Mapping Enable to yes
  • Under NAT settings set the NAT Keep Alive Enable to yes

4. Note. If you are looking to configure T.38 on your Cisco SPA 112 ATA configure as follows:

  • Under the  "Voice" tab go to the "Line X" sub tab
  • Under Audio Configuration set the "Fax Enable T38" to yes
  • Click Submit

Your Cisco SPA112 ATA should be ready to make and receive phone calls!

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