Vicidial is an enterprise class, open source, contact center suite in use by many large call centers around the world. It has over fourteen thousand (14,000) registered installations in over 100 countries around the world. The official releases of Vicidial have been downloaded over twenty five thousand (25,000) times in the last year alone.

This article guides you on how to configure this PBX for making and receiving calls over the internet through a next generation carrier like Telnyx!

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Instructions for configuring a Vicidial IP trunk

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1. Configure your Telnyx Mission Control Portal to work with Vicidial

First, you'll need to purchase a number:

  1. Visit the Numbers page via the navigation menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Select the Search Numbers tab.

  3. Select your search type: (NPA-NXX, Region, Toll Free or Advanced).

  4. Input your search criteria and click Search.

  5. Results will display below.

  6. Click + Add to Cart to select the number(s) you'd like to purchase.

  7. Click on the Shopping Cart to view your selected numbers and check out.

  8. Once purchased, your numbers will be visible on the My Numbers tab within the Numbers page.

Next, you'll set up a connection:

  1. Visit the Connections page via the navigation menu on the left hand side.

  2. Click the Add Connection button (located towards the top right corner).

  3. Input a name for the connection.

  4. Select IP Address for your Authentication Method and input the IP Address of your Vicidial instance.

  5. Click the Create button to finish creating your connection.

Now, you'll provision your number (assign to a connection):

  1. Go back to the Numbers page via the navigation menu on the left hand side.

  2. Select the My Numbers tab (you may have defaulted to this already).

  3. Click the Select Connection drop-down next to your number. You should see the connection you just created - select it.

  4. Your number is now all set on the portal.

And finally, you'll create your outbound profile:

  1. Visit the Outbound section via the navigation menu on the left hand side.

  2. Click the + Add Outbound Profile button (located towards the top right corner).

  3. Select the connection you created via the Select Connection drop-down.

  4. Choose the Traffic Type and Service Plan that meets your needs.

  5. Click Add.

  6. You are now setup for outbound calling on the portal.

2. Configure Vicidial

  1. Log into the Vicidial web portal and going to Admin -> Carriers -> Add new carrier.

  2. Enter the following information:

    1. Carrier ID: TelnyxCarrier

    2. Name: telnyxRegistration

    3. String : leave blank.

    4. Template ID: NONE

    5. Account Entry: [telnyx]

    6. Disallow: All

    7. Allow: ulaw

    8. Allow: g729

    9. Type: peer

    10. Insecure: port,invite

    11. dtmf mode: rfc2833

    12. Context: default

    13. Protocol: SIP

    14. Global String: Telnyx=SIP/telnyx

    15. Dial Plan:
      exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,1,AGI(agi://
      exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,2,Dial(${Telnyx}/${EXTEN:1},60,tTor)
      exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,3,Hangup

      In this case, 9 is the prefix that will be dialed to send calls to Telnyx's trunk.

Depending on your phone configuration, you may also wish to configure an outbound caller ID to be in accordance with our caller ID number policy. You can do this on a per-user or per-campaign basis.

To apply a per-user caller ID:

  1. Open the Users tab in the Vicidial administration portal.

  2. Select Modify next to the relevant user.

  3. Select Apply the desired outbound caller ID in the Outbound CallerID field.

  4. Click Submit.

To apply a caller ID on a campaign:

  1. Select the Campaigns tab in the Vicidial administration portal.

  2. Select Modify next to the campaign you want to have the caller ID.

  3. Click the Detail tab and apply the desired caller ID in the Campaign CallerID field.

  4. Click Submit.

That's it, you've now completed the configuration of Vicidial and can now make and receive calls by using Telnyx as your SIP provider!

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Review our getting started with guide to make sure your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account is setup correctly!

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