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P2P Definition and Exemption Process
P2P Definition and Exemption Process
Written by Klane Pedrie
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P2P Traffic Definition and Exemption Process

P2P Definition

P2P (Person-to-Person) SMS traffic refers to the exchange of text messages between individuals, typically using mobile devices. This is the traditional and most common use of SMS (Short Message Service), where one person sends a text message to another person's mobile phone number.

Here are the characteristics of P2P SMS traffic:

  1. Individual Use: Messages are sent from one individual to another, rather than from a business or application to an individual.

  2. Two-Way Communication: P2P SMS allows for a conversation-like flow, with both parties able to send and receive messages.

  3. Phone Numbers: P2P SMS uses regular mobile phone numbers, rather than short codes or alphanumeric sender IDs often used in A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging.

  4. Non-Commercial: These messages are generally non-commercial in nature, meaning they are not used for marketing, notifications, or automated alerts, which are characteristics of A2P traffic.

  5. Standard SMS Rates: P2P SMS traffic typically incurs standard messaging fees from mobile carriers, unlike A2P messages that might have different pricing models and often involve bulk messaging services.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: P2P SMS is subject to different regulations than A2P SMS. Carriers often have more stringent rules regarding A2P to prevent spam, while P2P is treated more leniently as it is considered personal communication.

The distinction between P2P and A2P SMS traffic is important for telecom operators, as they may have different infrastructure and billing models for each type of traffic. With the advent of messaging apps and other forms of online communication, SMS is facing competition, but it remains a widely used form of P2P communication due to its reliability and ubiquity.

If your P2P exemption is approved, there is no requirement to register with The Campaign Registry for campaigns.

Do I qualify for P2P exemption from 10DLC Requirements?

If you believe you should be exempt from 10DLC requirements and would like to apply please walk through the following questionnaire:

P2P Questionnaire

  1. Does your messaging exclude business communication of any kind? If yes, continue.

  2. Are you not a Cloud Communication Suite? If yes, continue.

  3. Will traffic be roughly symmetrical (User to User, 1:1 - 1:3)? If yes, continue.

  4. Are there no automated text messages in your workflow? If yes, continue.

  5. Do you have a Telnyx contract? If yes, continue.

If you fit the above criteria and would like to apply to request approval please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to proceed.

If you fit the above criteria except that you need a Telnyx contract:

  1. If you do not have an agreement in place, you may contact us at to discuss commercial agreement and the P2P exemption requirements.

  2. For context, commercial agreements start at $1,000 per month in spend with Telnyx. That is, you would need to be willing to commit to spending at least $1,000 per month or more for at least 12 months.

Please Note:

There are strict requirements from the mobile operators in order to qualify for P2P Exemption and the process for approval can take up to several months. We recommend reviewing the up to date TCR P2P requirements prior to applying.

Please contact sales at to proceed.

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