3CX and Telnyx Compatibility

Guide on ensuring Telnyx's compatibility with 3CX systems for seamless communication.

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3CX and Telnyx Compatibility

Existing 3CX Customers with Telnyx Sip Trunks

3CX customers with Telnyx sip trunks can maintain their setup if they update their systems normally. If the sip trunk is deleted, it can be recreated using the 3CX generic template depending on the 3CX version you are using.

Compatibility of 3CX Generic Template with Telnyx

The 3CX generic template works with the Telnyx Messaging API and basic calls. However, full compatibility with all call scenarios is not guaranteed and may require adjustments.

Availability of 3CX Generic Template with Telnyx

The 3CX generic template is only available for 3CX dedicated and 3CX self-hosted systems. The generic template is unavailable in Hosted by 3CX systems, including FREE, PRO, and ENT licenses. The generic template is also unavailable in 3CX StartUP.

3CX with Telnyx Messaging API Configuration Changes

3CX systems using Telnyx Messaging API configurations need to be switched to the 3CX generic template. 3CX customers who did not transition during the available period must now use the 3CX generic template to support Telnyx for Messaging API.

3CX and Telnyx Continued Support

Existing Telnyx sip trunks in previous 3CX versions will continue to function with future updates.

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