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Telnyx CNAM API endpoint deprecation
Telnyx CNAM API endpoint deprecation

Notice on deprecating Telnyx CNAM API endpoint; switch to Number Lookup for CNAM info.

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Telnyx CNAM API endpoint deprecation

What is happening to Telnyx CNAM API?

The Telnyx CNAM API endpoint––will be deprecated on September 30th, 2022, and will no longer return results after this date. Telnyx customers that wish to retrieve number Caller ID Name can do so by using Telnyx Number Lookup in the portal or via API.

Do I need to change my endpoints?

The Telnyx Number Lookup feature is not retro-compatible with the CNAM API endpoint. Customers who wish to continue using CNAM will have to make adjustments to carry out an Inbound CNAM query with Telnyx Number Lookup.

Users can follow our step-by-step guide on how to use CNAM through Number Lookup to get started.

How much will a CNAM query cost when using Number Lookup?

Users who carry out a CNAM query using Number Lookup will be charged $0.003 per query.

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