Step-by-Step Guide to TLNX SMS

Are you ready to start using TLNX SMS? This guide will help you easily set up your Telnyx Mission Control Portal and your TLNX SMS Profile so you can send messages with ease.

  1. Sign up for TLNX SMS here.
  2. Login to your Telnyx Mission Control Portal in a new tab (so you can easily copy / paste into your profile) at 
  3. Click “Messaging” on the left. 
  4. You will need to create a Messaging Profile:
  5. Click "Add New Profile" button. 
  6. Name it what you'd like, but "TLNX SMS" would make sense. 
  7. Make sure that API v2 is selected.
  8. Scroll down to Inbound Settings and set the "Send a Webhook to this URL" to ""
  9. Click Save
  10. Go to "Auth" from the menu or click
  11. Create an API Key and copy / paste it in the Access Token field on the TLNX SMS profile page. 
  12. We must now configure the Routing settings in Telnyx for your phone number. If you need help getting a number, click here.
  13. Go to the Numbers section in Telnyx (
  14. Scroll to the number you would like to use with TLNX SMS and click the "Messaging Profile" dropdown. 
  15. Select the Messaging Profile that you created above.
  16. Setup is now complete on Telnyx Mission Control
  17. You’ll need to copy the number you selected into the “DID/VoIP #” field in your TLNX SMS Profile.
  18. Click “Update Profile Details”
  19. You’re now ready to send messages through TLNX SMS!
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