What IPs do I need to whitelist?

Depending on your location, and whether or not you have a firewall/acl configured on your network - please configure the SIP trunk on your voice platform using the following domains:

Signaling Addresses
(North America)
FQDN: sip.telnyx.com
Primary: | Secondary:

FQDN: sip.telnyx.ca
Primary: | Secondary:

FQDN: sip.telnyx.eu
Primary: | Secondary:

FQDN: sip.telnyx.au
Primary: | Secondary:

If you have a firewall configured on your network, you will need to whitelist the following Media IPs.

Media Subnets

For the list of individual IP's, please visit https://sip.telnyx.com/#media

Messaging IP's

For our messaging services, please allow the following Telnyx subnet (containing all SMS IPs): 

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