How to configure a Thirdlane PBX IP trunk

Our focus in this article is to achieve the connection between your Thirdlane PBX, and our Mission Control Portal. We will describe a sample configuration that has been successfully tested on our side.

Once you have configured the following steps, you can take advantage of leveraging our Mission Control Portal to maximize your business operations.

Your trunk configuration is ready to go on our side! We can move forward with the configurations on your Thirdlane PBX:

  • Log into the web interface of the Thirdlane PBX and click on DIDs & Trunks and then Trunks
  • Click on Create SIP Trunk
  • Enter the following information in the fields provided:
    Name: Telnyx
    Description: Telnyx Trunk (or any description of your choice)
    Host : (or
    Direction: Select Inbound, Outbound or Inbound/Outbound depending on the types of services you will be using
    Username: If you selected IP authentication, leave blank
    Phone Password: If you selected IP authentication, leave blank
    Caller ID: 2243244485 (DID you purchased from your telnyx portal)
    Enabled Codecs: G.711u, G.729
    DTMF Mode: RFC2833
    NAT: Check
    Can reinvite: Leave unchecked
  • Click on Create

You should be go!

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