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Use NetDrive3 with Telnyx Storage
Use NetDrive3 with Telnyx Storage

Learn how to integrate NetDrive3, a powerful remote storage mapping tool, with Telnyx Storage for seamless management of your data.

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NetDrive3 is a robust remote storage mapping tool that allows you to access and manage files stored on various cloud storage platforms, network drives, and FTP/SFTP servers. With NetDrive3, you can easily mount Telnyx Storage as a virtual drive on your computer for convenient file operations.

How to integrate NetDrive3 to work with Telnyx Storage:

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of NetDrive3 here!

Step 2

Launch NetDrive3 and click on the "+" button to create a new connection.

NetDrive3 start page.

Step 3

In the “Add a Personal Drive” window, Select “S3” as the storage type from the dropdown and click on “Connect” to set up the connection.

“Add a Personal Drive” window.

Step 4

Fill in these fields with the information below:

  1. Server Address: Copy and paste one of our available API Endpoints.

  2. Access ID: Copy and paste your Telnyx API Key into this field.

  3. Secret Key: Although Telnyx Storage does not use the secret key, input any value without spaces or special characters.

  4. Bucket name: Enter the bucket name on your Telnyx Storage that you want to connect.

Step 5

After entering the information above, you’ll see S3 added as a storage type.

  1. You’ll also see the remote path which is based on the bucket name you entered above.

  2. Click on OK to continue the setup.

    Personal storage type addition section.

Step 6

After the setup above for the connection is completed, this window will pop up. Click on Connect to link NetDrive3 with Telnyx Storage.

NetDrive3 - Telnyx connection setup.

Step 7

Once connected, NetDrive3 will display the Telnyx Storage site as a virtual drive on your computer. You can now access and manage your files stored in Telnyx Storage seamlessly.

Telnyx storage on NetDrive3.

That's it! You have successfully integrated NetDrive3 with Telnyx Storage, allowing you to work with your files using a virtual drive interface conveniently.

Feel free to explore the capabilities of NetDrive3 and leverage the power of Telnyx Storage for your file management needs.

Additional Resources

If you need more information or assistance, you can refer to NetDrive3's documentation.

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