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Operator Connect Guide - Microsoft Teams
Operator Connect Guide - Microsoft Teams

See how you can use Telnyx as your provider for Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect

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Operator Connect Guide - Microsoft Teams

See how you can use Telnyx as your provider for Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect

2 requirements before starting this guide:

  1. The company has a Microsoft Teams admin with a Telnyx account already configured.

  2. The company has at least one user with a Microsoft Teams Phone license.

Note: it’s not necessary to create a Telnyx portal account before starting this process, but it is recommended for an easier setup.

Step 1: Log into the Mission Control Portal

  • Log into the Mission Control Portal and note the email associated with your Telnyx account. This will be needed when setting up the integration between Telnyx and Microsoft.

Step 2: Log into the Microsoft Teams admin portal

  • Log into your Microsoft Teams account with the same email address that is associated with your Telnyx account.

  • In the admin center, navigate to the Voice tab and click on Operator Connect in the left-hand side menu. Here you should see all operators that you have integrated with.

  • If you have not yet integrated with a provider you can see all available providers and search by region or capability.

Step 3: Choose Telnyx as your provider for Operator Connect

  • From the list of certified Operator Connect providers, choose Telnyx in the admin portal.

Step 4: Sync your Telnyx and Microsoft accounts

  • You will be prompted to give consent to Telnyx to integrate with your Teams account.

  • This consent is required to configure phone numbers from Telnyx to the Teams account.

Step 5: Set up your preferences

  • Select regions to get numbers from

  • Add company size

  • Add the admin name and email that is associated with the Telnyx account.

  • You have the option to add a phone number

  • Accept the privacy terms and conditions.

  • Finally, add Telnyx as an operator.

Step 6: Associate your numbers to your Microsoft integration

  • Once you select Telnyx as your operator you will be redirected to the External Voice Integrations page in the Mission Control Portal.

  • Once you have created an Operator Connect External Voice Integration, you can choose which numbers to associate numbers with this integration.

  • If you already have numbers you can associate them with the integration in the tab or else you can purchase a new number. For more details on number search and order, please refer to this support article.

  • Before setup is complete you will need to create an emergency address associated with your Telnyx account.

  • Once the number and emergency address are updated the number will be available in the Operator Connect portal.

  • Note that the number may not be instantly uploaded to Teams and PSAP provider.

Step 7: View your number in the MS admin portal

  • Switch back to the Microsoft Teams admin portal and navigate to Voice → Numbers associated with the Teams account.

  • You should now see Telnyx as your operator and details are updated.

Step 8: Assign a number to a user

  • Choose a number to assign to a user. There are two ways to do this, either:

    • Click Edit on the number and associate it with a user that has a Microsoft Teams phone license.

    • Or you can click Edit on the user and assign it a number in the right-hand navigation tab. Note this will not autocomplete if the chosen user doesn’t have a Microsoft Teams Phone license assigned.

  • Admins should note that Operator Connect and Direct Routing can both exist together, but a number can only be associated with one solution.

Step 9: Make and receive PSTN calls in the MS Teams client.

  • Test the integration by making and receiving phone calls to and from the PSTN from the Microsoft Teams client.

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