Operator Connect Guide - Microsoft Teams

See how you can use Telnyx as your provider for Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect

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Operator Connect Guide - Microsoft Teams

See how you can use Telnyx as your provider for Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect


Minimum Requirements:

  1. The company has a Microsoft Teams admin with a Telnyx account.

  2. The company has at least one user with a Microsoft Teams Phone license (purchased separately or as part of an E5 license).

Note 1: it’s not necessary to create a Telnyx portal account before starting this process, but it is recommended for an easier setup.

Video Walkthrough

Watch the 5 minute setup video here

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Log into the Mission Control Portal

  • Log into the Mission Control Portal and note the email associated with your Telnyx account. This will be needed when setting up the integration between Telnyx and Microsoft.

Step 2: Log into the Microsoft Teams admin portal

  • Log into your Microsoft Teams account with a valid admin account.

  • In the admin center, navigate to the Voice tab and click on Operator Connect in the left-hand side menu. Here you should see all the operators that you have integrated with.

    If you have not yet integrated with a provider you can see all available providers and search by region or capability.

Step 3: Choose Telnyx as your provider for Operator Connect

  • From the list of certified Operator Connect providers, choose Telnyx in the admin portal.

Step 4: Sync your Telnyx and Microsoft accounts

  • You will be prompted to give consent to Telnyx to integrate with your Teams account.

  • This consent is required to configure phone numbers from Telnyx to the Teams account.

Step 5: Set up your preferences

  • Select regions to get numbers from

  • Add company size

  • Add the admin name and email that is associated with the Telnyx account.

  • You have the option to add a phone number

  • Accept the privacy terms and conditions.

  • Finally, add Telnyx as an operator.

Step 6: Associate your numbers to your Microsoft integration

  • Once you select Telnyx as your operator you will be redirected to the External Voice Integrations page in the Mission Control Portal.

    • Integration creation section.

    • Integration creation sectio.

    • Instructions section.

  • Create an Operator Connect External Voice Integration.

    • Associate Numbers with the Integration:

      • If you already have numbers, you can associate them with the integration in the designated tab.

      • If you don't have existing numbers, you can purchase new ones. For more details on number search and order, please refer to this support article.

    Operator Connect External Voice Integration creation section

    • Configure Emergency Address:

      • To complete the setup, you'll need to create an emergency address associated with your Telnyx account.

      • This address should be configured in the Teams Admin Portal. Addresses configured in the Teams Admin Portal will be pushed to Telnyx and made available for selection as an emergency address for a Telnyx number.

      • You can find detailed instructions for address configuration in Teams here.

    • Emergency Address Availability:

      • Please note that only addresses from the same location as the Operator Connect market that was initially selected will be made available for selection on the Microsoft Operator Connect integration.

  • Note that the number may not be instantly uploaded to Teams and PSAP provider.

Step 7: View your number in the MS admin portal

  • Switch back to the Microsoft Teams admin portal and navigate to Voice → Numbers associated with the Teams account.

  • You should now see Telnyx as your operator and details are updated.

Step 8: Assign a number to a user

  • Choose a number to assign to a user. There are two ways to do this, either:

    • Click Edit on the number and associate it with a user that has a Microsoft Teams phone license.

    • Or you can click Edit on the user and assign it a number in the right-hand navigation tab. Note this will not autocomplete if the chosen user doesn’t have a Microsoft Teams Phone license assigned.

  • Admins should note that Operator Connect and Direct Routing can both exist together, but a number can only be associated with one solution.

Step 9: Make and receive PSTN calls in the MS Teams client.

  • Test the integration by making and receiving phone calls to and from the PSTN from the Microsoft Teams client.

Pricing Help

  1. US customers can find pricing on the Portal Bundles page.

  2. Non-US customers should refer to:

    1. Local Numbers pricing for monthly base fees*

    2. Local Calls SIP pricing for per minute rates

*Please note: Canadian & US numbers incur an emergency surcharge, detailed on those countries' PAYG SIP Rate pages. This surcharge is already included in US Bundles.

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