ElevateAI Proof-of-Concept Setup Guide

Step-by-step guide to integrate Telnyx with ElevateAI for transcription and recording.

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This article will provide you with a step by step guide to configure Telnyx & ElevateAI which can help demonstrate a sample application using Telnyx-Python transcription and recording functionality.


Step 1: Create a Call Control Application in the Telnyx Portal

Once you have created your Telnyx account and you have successfully logged into your account click the Voice tab from the left side menu then click Programmable Voice.
Finally click on the Add new App button from the top right corner:

Add new App section.

Next, enter in your application name, webhook URL and then click Save:

Voice API application.

Step 2: Purchase a Telnyx Phone Number

Once you have created your Telnyx call control application, click the Numbers tab from the left side menu:

Numbers tab section.

Next, click the Search & Buy Numbers tab from the top menu and click Search Numbers once you have selected the correct search type and region/area code:

Search & Buy Numbers tab.

Select the desired number and click Add to Cart, then click the Cart button from the top right corner:

Add to Cart section.

Under Connections or Applications select the ElevateAI call control application that was

created in the previous step. Click Place Order:

Connections or Applications section.

Step 3. Sign up for ElevateAI and get your ElevateAI API Key

First navigate to ElevateAI's website and click Get Started from the top right corner.

Sign Up button.

Click Sign Up to register for a ElevateAI account.

Sign Up button.

Fill out the registration form and click Sign Up.

Sign Up button.

Once you verify your account, login to your Elevate account and click Manage Keys:

 Manage Keys section for inputing IP token.

Copy your API token, you will need to use it later:

 Manage Keys section for inputing API token.

Step 4: Clone the PoC project and follow the steps in Github

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