Local numbers in UAE

Business use is required, private use is not allowed

A description of the service that will be provided on the number must be presented

It is not permitted to make calls from the number/CLI.

Letter of Authorisation or Power of Attorney needs to filled in and signed. The document will be provided by Telnyx.
Customer details (detailed address & location, Working telephone number in the same location or google coordinate, Contact name, email, and number)

Trade License in UAE

Establishment card in UAE

Toll-Free Numbers in UAE

For business identity verification:
* Name, last name
* Contact phone number
* Company name
* Letter of intention (LOI)

For address verification:
* Address worldwide (street, building number, postal code, city, and country)

UAE TFNs can not be registered on personal details

***Please note that once the documentation is received it will take approximately 72 hours to validate the information and activate the number for use. 

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