This article is for API V1, please use the Developer Center for API V2 guides.

Mission Control API: SIP Connection

Using the API is an alternative way to configure and use your Mission Control account. This can be useful if you are interested in writing programs to explore and automate the use of our features.

In this guide we will give you an example of using our API docs GUI. Hopefully this will give you a base for writing programs to interact with our API.

Before we begin, we must tell the API our credentials so the API knows which portal account we will be using it with(and who we are).

For how to do this, please refer to our article on "Authentication and Tokens" after updating your credentials you can follow on from here.

 In this article you will learn how to:

  • Get your connections
  • Create a new connection
  • Delete a connection
  • Get a connection and
  • Update a connection


This will Return all the connections you have access to. For each of the parameters, click on the drop down arrow beside it and select as appropriate example if you want the IP addresses to be included in the results, select "true" and the optional ones are solely up to you depending on how you want the results to look like. Please see the screenshot below with request parameters and the response respectively:


Create A New Connection

This creates a new connection on your Mission Control Portal, in other to achieve this, double click in the json body sample which is to the right hand side of the parameters, this will automatically copy it over into the parameters box and then you can edit to suit your requirements. The only compulsory input here is the "connection_name" so you can basically delete every other thing, input the name you want(in this example "TestingAPI") for the connection and hit the "TRY IT OUT" button. Every other input is optional so if you do not need it, leave it. Please see the screen print below for the basic allowable input and the response: if successful, you will be presented with the connection id, name etc. for the connection.

Sample Request


Delete A Connection: This deletes a single connection based on the ID supplied. In order to delete a connection, you will need the ID you were given in the response when you created the connection, in case you did not take note: you can get it from "Get your connections". Simply provide the connection id in the parameters box and hit the "TRY IT OUT" button as per the screen prints below and the connection will be deleted from your portal.



Get A Connection

This Gets a single connection based on the ID supplied, unlike the "get connections" which gets multiple connections.

Simply input the id into the box under "Parameters" and click the "TRY IT OUT" button. Please see the screen prints below:



Update A Connection

This action will update a single connection based on the ID supplied. If you want to add any more features to a connection, simple provide the ID in the box beside "id" under parameters and double click the jason sample body to the right of the parameters, edit it to suit your preference such as adding an Anchorsite, Type, override, IP's etc. and hit the "TRY IT OUT" button. Please see the screen prints below:



Congratulations! You can now manage your connections via API docs

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