Limits on Concurrent Outbound Calls

Did you reach your limit for active concurrent outbound calls? Here's what to do to increase your limit.

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How many concurrent outbound calls or channels can be active at once?

When you have signed up to Telnyx's Mission Control Portal, by default you are set to a global value of 10 concurrent outbound calls / channels but we are happy to accommodate more based on your requirements. Reach out to us at to increase your limit, it is recommend to provide information on your use case should you wish to increase the channels beyond 100.

How will I know when the concurrent outbound call channel limit has been reached?

You will know when you have reached this limit as Telnyx returns the SIP error response: D1 - 403 User channel limit exceeded D1

The number of concurrent outbound calls for the account is over the limit. This relates to the global account concurrent call limit set in your outbound voice profile section.

You can find more information on all of our SIP responses here.

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