This article is for API V1, please use the Developer Center for API V2 guides.

Mission Control API: Authentication and Tokens

Using the API is an alternative way to configure and use your Mission Control account. This can be useful if you are interested in writing programs to explore and automate the use of our features.

In this guide we will give you an example of how to use our API, using our API docs GUI. Hopefully, this will give you a base for writing programs to interact with our API.

Your tokens can be found here on your account, you can generate a token and provide it a name.

So how do we use this API? Easy! There are 4 main queries we can use to hit an API endpoint. GET, POST, PUT & DELETE. As you may have guessed, GET retrieves information from an endpoint. While PUT & POST gives new information to the endpoint. While DELETE will remove the resource which you created. The information we send is in JSON format. If you are unfamiliar with JSON, you can read about it here: and here

You can also find sample JSON bodies and sample JSON responses for each endpoint on the right hand side of API docs.

Email : The first field requires an email address, this is the email address associated with your Telnyx account.

Token: The second field requires an API token, if you don't already have an API token you can generate one under the "API TOKENS" tab on the left hand side of your portal account. Just click "Add API token", give it a name and click "Create". You should see your new API token right next to the name you just gave it.

Note: Your API access key is NOT an API token.If you do not want to use your email, you can use the access key located in the API Tokens section.

Congratulations! You're ready to use our API.

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