When you port numbers away from Telnyx the new carrier can take a few days to actually port the numbers to themselves. The winning carrier may also take a few days to inform us that they have successfully ported the number. 

Because of this we want to make sure that your number(s) are not deleted prematurely. To ensure that you do not have any service issues in between porting your number from Telnyx to your new provider, we usually wait until the end of the calendar month to delete the numbers from your account in order to ensure that we provide you with service to the number(s) for as long as possible and until the new carrier ports them over successfully.

If you want to remove the numbers from your Telnyx account before the end of the current calendar month, you may do so by:

  1. Find the number you want to delete in MY NUMBERS page. 
  2. Click on the trash icon on the right-hand side of the number you wish to delete.
  3. Click "Confirm" button on the pop-up notification that appears to complete the removal.

The number should now be deleted from your portal.

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