Step 1

If you do not yet have an account with Telnyx, signup for a free account on and complete all the steps to set-up your account.

Step 2

Log in to your portal account on and navigate to WhatsApp on the left-side main-menu panel.

Step 3

On the WhatsApp Business signup page, add a phone number you would like to use for your WhatsApp Business communication. The phone number have international SMS or voice capabilities. You can either buy or use an existing Telnyx phone number, or if you already have a WhatsApp capable phone number, click on the checkbox "I already have a number that meets the requirements."

Note: Please read all the instructions and guidelines for registering for WhatsApp Business. The phone number you use with WhatsApp can be a landline number, a cell phone number or a virtual number but it can't be a short code or a toll-free number.

Step 4

Add a webhook URL. This is a mandatory setting and is the callback URL where you will receive inbound messages and delivery notifications directly from Facebook.

Step 5

Once you have provided a phone number and webhook URL, the "Start WhatsApp Sign-up" button will be enabled.

  • If you chose a Telnyx phone number to register with WhatsApp Business, clicking on this button will open a pop-up window showing the phone number you chose. Click on “Start Integration” button to get started.

    Note: Please do not close this pop-up window as you’ll be receiving your Facebook verification code here while you’re in the registration flow.

  • If you’re using your own phone number to register with WhatsApp, then clicking on this button will launch you into the registration flow powered by Facebook.

Step 6

On the WhatsApp registration flow, you'll be prompted to login to your Facebook account.

Note: If you already have a Facebook Business Manager account that you would like to use for WhatsApp registration, please ensure the Facebook account you’re using to log in has admin access to that Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 7

Complete all the 3 steps in the WhatsApp registration process.

  1. Create/select Facebook Business Manager account and create/select WhatsApp Business account

  2. Create WhatsAp display profile

  3. Verify WhatsApp phone number. Here you will enter the number you chose in Step 3

    Note: If you're using a Telnyx phone number, please select “Text Message” as the mode of verification and you'll see the verification code right on the Telnyx portal

Step 8

Once you have completed the WhatsApp registration process, you'll see your new

WhatsApp Business account created in pending status on the portal.

  • At this point, you can start the business verification process with Meta (Facebook).

  • The approval usually takes 1-2 business days and you will be notified via email

    about the change in account status by Meta.

  • The first phone number in your WhatsApp Business account comes in sandbox

    mode so you can start testing your WhatsApp integration while you await approval from Meta. The quickest way to test sending and receiving of messages is with the following tool:

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