WhatsApp FAQs

1. Do I own the Facebook Business Manager account and WhatsApp Business account created through the WhatsApp signup process on the Telnyx portal?

A: Yes. Businesses own the accounts and share access to it directly with Telnyx. You have full management control over all assets (including templates and phone numbers).

2. I am unable to select my Telnyx phone number for the WhatsApp signup, how should I proceed?
A: Please ensure that the phone number you would like to use with WhatsApp meets the following criteria:

  • Is not a toll-free number

  • Is not a shortcode

3. I did not receive a 2FA code during the Whatsapp signup process - how should I proceed?

A: Sometimes there are delays experienced while waiting to receive 2FA code from Facebook.

  • We recommend that you exit the signup flow and try again after a few moments.

  • When you retry signup, you can select the same information entered previously for Steps 1, 2 and 3 in the signup flow, and reach the 2FA verification step.

  • If you’re able to receive 2FA code over call, please try this option for verification as it is more reliable than SMS for receiving your code from Facebook.

4. Can I add more than one phone number to my WhatsApp Business account?

A: Yes. But the WhatsApp signup flow only allows one phone number to be added at a time. To add another phone number to an existing WhatsApp Business account (or to a new WhatsApp Business account), please relaunch the signup flow and enter a new phone number on Step 3.

5. Can I use my own phone number with WhatsApp?

A: Yes. Please make sure that the phone number meets the following requirements:

  • Must be a new phone number. You will not be able to sign up with a number that is currently active on WhatsApp Messenger App or WhatsApp Business App.

  • Must be in the E.164 international format and must be internationally reachable.

  • Must be active during the verification process. You will receive an SMS, or a voice call for 2FA from Facebook to confirm number ownership.

  • Cannot be a short code or a toll-free number.

6. I’ve created my WhatsApp Business account and added phone number(s). What’s next?

A: Once you have completed WhatsApp signup, there’s no wait time to start using our API.

  • You can immediately start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages with the first phone number in your WhatsApp account which is in unverified, sandbox status for 30 days. You also get 10 sample pre-approved message templates to initiate WhatsApp conversations.

  • With the sandbox phone number, you can send 10 templated messages to a maximum of 2 numbers per day, and unlimited messages to a maximum of 10 numbers per day.

  • While you integrate with our API, you should also start the verification process of your business with Facebook. This will require you to present certain documentation to Facebook so that they can check legitimacy of your business and approve your Facebook Business Manager account. The approval usually takes 1-2 business days and you will be notified via email about the change in account status by Facebook. This step is important to complete for you to have continued access to WhatApp Business solution.

7. Where can I find information on approval status for my WhatsApp account and Display name(s)?

A: There are a couple of ways you can find this information:

  • You will receive notification on your email address (used with your Facebook account) from WhatsApp when status changes on your account or display name.

  • You can also check the latest status of your WhatsApp account and display name(s) on the Telnyx portal.

  • We are working right now on showing message template status on the portal, but you can also check status on your Facebook Business Manager account.

8. I am unable to send WhatsApp messages.

A: There are a couple of reasons why you may be unable to send messages through your WhatsApp phone number.

  • Phone number’s hosting is not ready:

    • The first phone number in your Whatsapp account comes in 30 days, unverified trial period. We set up cloud hosting for this number in a few minutes, right after you complete WhatsApp signup flow on the Telnyx portal. But sometimes, hosting may not be automatically ready for your phone number. We recommend you wait for 48 hours, and if you still do not receive an email from Telnyx about your phone number being ready, then please reach out to our support team.

    • The phone number is not a sandbox number and is awaiting Display name approval from Facebook/WhatsApp.

  • Your sandbox phone number’s 30-days, unverified trial period is over and you have not yet initiated the business verification process with Facebook. Please note that after 30 days, if your WhatsApp account is still unverified, Facebook will disconnect the phone number(s) and you’ll be unable to use Whatsapp.

  • It is possible that the destination phone number is not capable of receiving WhatsApp messages. Before sending message to a phone number, always check that the number can receive WhatsApp messages through this API call: https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/api/v2/whatsapp/WhatsApp-Contacts#checkContact

9. I am unable to receive inbound messages on my Whatsapp phone number.

A: Please ensure that you have set up webhook URL on your WhatsApp phone number through this API call: https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/api/v2/whatsapp/WhatsApp-Phone-Number#patchWhatsappPhoneNumber

10. How do I troubleshoot outbound and inbound WhatsApp messages?

A: Please make sure that you:

  • Check the response received from your message request. Often messages will fail because you have not verified the contact first, or because you have not used a templated message when reaching out to a number for the initial contact or outside of a 24-hours session.

  • Set-up a webhook URL for each WhatsApp phone number so Facebook can send notifications. Often error messages will be delivered through webhook events, which should have further details to aid in troubleshooting.

  • Check API response for the message sent??

11. Where can I view or create WhatsApp message templates?

A: You will soon have the ability to view your WhatsApp message templates within the Telnyx portal. Meanwhile, you can log into your Facebook Business Manager account and manage your message templates.

  • Go to Business Settings → Accounts → WhatsApp accounts in Business Manager main navigation

  • Click the desired WhatsApp Business account

  • Go to the Settings tab, scroll-down and click WhatsApp Manager

  • Click Message templates.

    • If you have multiple WhatsApp business accounts, use the drop-down menu to select the WhatsApp account where you want to view/create a message template.

12. Where can I find my Message Namespace ID?

A: On the Telnyx portal, go to WhatsApp Business Accounts page and click on the desired account. On the Settings page, you will find Message Namespace ID which is required for sending templated outbound messages.

13. Why am I getting rate-limited for sending messages?

A: After you have received approvals on your WhatsApp account and display name(s), your phone number(s) will go into verified status. Please note that WhatsApp applies rate limiting on messaging while they monitor your sending practices and analyze your usage pattern and performance metrics. Due to this, Telnyx recommends that you gradually ramp your WhatsApp launch over the course of a week. Here are the WhatsApp rate limit tiers:

  • Tier 1 -> Limited to 1,000 unique message recipients per day

  • Tier 2 -> Limited to 10,000 unique message recipients per day

  • Tier 3 -> Limited to 100,000 unique message recipients per day

New WhatsApp phone numbers are initialized at Tier 1. Based on the volume and quality rating of messages sent, WhatsApp will automatically move them between tiers.

14. How long can my WhatsApp Business account remain unverified?

A: Although your WhatsApp Business account’s first phone number comes in an unverified, trial period which allows you to test our API for 30 days, we recommend that you immediately get started with the verification process of your business with Facebook. This step is important to complete for you to have continued access to WhatApp Business solution. After 30 days, if your WhatsApp account is still unverified, Facebook will disconnect the phone number(s) and you’ll be unable to use Whatsapp.

15. Why can’t I sign up for WhatsApp on my mobile device?

A: Facebook does not support WhatsApp sign up flow on mobile devices. Please use a web browser to launch into sign up flow.

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