So you have a question about the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD). Here are some frequently asked questions. For more information, please see our RMD support article. Please note that these FAQ’s are not legal advice. Telnyx customers should engage legal counsel to ensure compliance.


  • Will Telnyx block my traffic if I am not registered in the RMD?

    • We consider Telnyx to be the originating provider that is sending calls to the PSTN and therefore take the responsibility of ensuring that we are compliant with RMD regulations. At this point, Telnyx will not be blocking customers’ calls since we are the originating entity. Telnyx will be in contact with customers if any further determination is made.

  • How do I know if I am a “voice service provider” (VSP) per the FCC definition in the Second Report and Order and should register for the RMD?

    • Your company should register for the RMD if:

      • You have an OCN and FRN,

      • You have access to SHAKEN/STIR tokens, or

      • You file 499s with the FCC

    • RMD compliance applies to all VSPs regardless of the type of traffic sent (robocalls vs. non-robocalls).

    • You do not need to send OCN, FRN, or 499 information to Telnyx.

    • To register with the RMD, please see the FCC RMD website and filing instructions.

  • Do I need to send anything to Telnyx?

    • Not at this time. Telnyx has access to the database and will be in touch with customers if any further action is required.

  • If Telnyx is not blocking calls, but I am considered a “voice service provider,” should I still register?

    • Absolutely! Customers are still obligated to be in compliance with FCC mandates and should register with the RMD, if necessary.

  • Which Robocall Mitigation Plan option should I choose (1. Fully SHAKEN/STIR compliant, 2. Partially SHAKEN/STIR compliant or 3. Have not implemented SHAKEN/STIR)?

    • Customers who are either signing their own calls or are relying on Telnyx to sign for them can select option 1, stating you are SHAKEN/STIR compliant - since 100% of your calls are being attested to.

    • If you are leveraging multiple providers and not all of your calls are receiving authentication headers, you may want to select one of the other options and upload a “Robocall Mitigation Plan” (RMP). There hasn’t been much guidance on what needs to be included in the RMP, but you can find many examples on the database.

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