Video Walkthrough to Setting up your Mission Control Account:

Coming soon! This walkthrough will demonstrate setting up your Telnyx SMS with 3cx

Guide to Setting up your Telnyx SMS -- 3cx Integration:

1. Setup the Telnyx portal

  1. Buy a SMS-enabled number.

  2. . Set up a Messaging Profile.

Note: You will need an API key. Make sure your API Version is set to V2

2. Now, we will set the 3cx portal:

Note: You will require enterprise or professional account to enable SMS on 3cx

a. Go to the 3CX Management Console > “Messaging” > “+Add SMS”. Choose your SMS provider from the drop down menu.

b. In the below screenshot,

  • Set a Name for the integration

  • Copy API key (V2) from Telnyx portal and paste it in the point 3

  • Go to "Messaging" > "Messaging Profiles" and create a dedicated profile to which the Webhook URL will be bound. Make sure to: Copy the below value and replace it on the "Send a webhook to this URL:" section:

  • Press “OK” and then “Test” to verify port forwarding and certificate configuration

c. Choose Route SMS

  1. Go to the “Route” tab and press “+Add”.

  2. Copy the number from your provider’s portal and paste it in the “Number” field. Ensure the number is in E.164 format without any spaces (ex: +123456789).

  3. In "Route inbound messages to" assign an extension or queue to receive messages.

d. Choose who can send SMS:

NOTE: By default no one can send SMS. If you want someone to be able to send SMS you need to enable this per extension:

  1. In the management console, Go to “Extensions”

  2. Select the desired extension(s)

  3. “Enable SMS” in the “General” Tab

After performing all the above steps, you should be ready to sent and receive sms on the web client browser extension.

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