Telnyx offers a referral program that allows you to make some extra money by referring other members to our service! 🤑

Video Walk-through for Referrals

How to refer a user within the Mission Control Portal

When you're signed in, make your way to the top right of the web-page in order to access the account drop-down menu. When you hover over the drop-down, you'll see the referral section!

Alternatively, click this button below and you'll be brought right to it!

Once you're in the referrals section, you'll see the field to include the emails of the people you'd like to refer to our services and for your contributions towards both our successes, we'll provide you with $20 in credit for each referred individual!

Once the referred individual signs up, they'll receive $20 automatically so long as they sign up through your referral link.

Once they spend the $20 on their account, your account earnings will automatically have $20 added!

Can't find what you're looking for? Click the chat bubble at your lower right-hand corner and talk to the support team!

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