Setting up zone based billing for your Telnyx SIM cards will allow you to be billed at a different rate depending on the country of usage - this is determined by the MCC that is being used by the SIM. In this support article, we’ll walk through how to set up zone based billing for SIM cards. You can also view how the rates per zone are set below. 

Setting Up Zone Based Billing

Zone based billing is a data plan type. Each SIM Group has an associated data plan. The zone based billing data plan will incur a charge of $30 per month with no data limit - each MB of data will be rated based on the rates in the section below. Note that the $30 monthly recurring charge is per SIM Group and not per SIM Card.

  • Update a SIM Group: To switch a SIM Group to use zone based billing, click on the “SIM Groups” under the “Wireless” section of the Mission Control Portal and click “Upgrade Plan”. From there, you can set the data plan to “Zone Based Billing”.
  • Create a new SIM Group: You can also create a new SIM group and select “Zone Based Billing” as the data plan in the setup process.

All SIMs that are attached to these SIM Groups will now be rated based on the prices below.

Zone Based BIlling Rates

Zone based billing has 4 rates that correspond to a zone. Each country that Telnyx Wireless operates in is mapped to a zone. The zone rates are:

Download the Telnyx Wireless mapping of countries to zones and their rates: Telnyx Wireless Zone Mapping

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