The Telnyx Traffic Type feature allows a user to select if an eligible number will be routed to an end user as Application-to-Person (A2P) or Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic (more on A2P vs. P2P here). 

Note: If you select P2P as your messaging type, Telnyx will monitor your traffic to ensure you’re using it for an appropriate use case. P2P-enabled numbers that do not fit an appropriate use case will be removed from the platform.

Not sure which traffic type is best for your use case? CTIA’s Messaging Principles and Best Practices offer a set of recommendations to help guide your decision.


Selecting a traffic type that aligns with the number's messaging use case will improve message deliverability. The P2P traffic type will also allow customers to send messages internationally — and at a different price than the A2P traffic type. Currently, MMS is only availble with the the A2P traffic type.

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