This article is for API V1, please use the Developer Center for API V2 guides.

Mission Control API: Connection IP authentication

Using the API is an alternative way to configure and use your Mission Control account. This can be useful if you are interested in writing programs to explore and automate the use of our features.

In this guide we will give you an example of using our API docs GUI. Hopefully this will give you a base for writing programs to interact with our API.

Before we begin, we must tell the API our credentials so the API knows which portal account we will be using it with(and who we are).

For how to do this, please refer to our article on "Authentication and Tokens" after updating your credentials you can follow on from here.

Set a connection to use IP authentication:

Sets the connection given by :connection_id to use IP-based authentication. This will remove any other authentication type set for the connection. Please note that authorized IP addresses are not added through this endpoint. Please see the authorized_ips endpoint for operations involving adding and removing authorized IPs.

To do this click on the Mission Control API link on the left hand side and click "connection_ipauth" then continue as follows.

  • Under Parameters, enter the id of the connection in the "connection_id" box and click on the "TRY IT OUT" button

Please also note that this setting will be successful only if the connection has not been assigned to any number (not in use).



Congratulations! With the above success response, you have set IP-Authentication for this connection.

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